Courses are run on demand, tailored to your requirements and all packages include professional instruction and all the required gear.


Experience climbing in a fun safe environment and learn the basics of this exciting sport. Ideal for novice to climbers or travellers wanting to see more of Dunedin’s sites or a seasoned veteran wanting to introduce some friends to the sport but doesn’t have all the gear, then this is the course for you. This package is for up to 10 people at some of Dunedin’s most beautiful areas.

    • half day - $100pp
    • full day - $175pp
    • one person - half day - $180
    • one person - full day - $340

Lead Climb

Are you ready to jump on the sharp end? These courses are ideal for people with some previous climbing experience who want to take the sport to the next level. We offer professional instruction for you to learn the most current techniques necessary to keep you and your friends safe, with the added bonus of improving your climbing. This is either a full day out or a more comprehensive 2-day course for up to 4 people at venues that are not only stunning but also designed for learning.

    • full day - $200pp
    • two days - $380pp
    • one person - full day - $380
    • one person - two days - $700


Fully customisable climbing adventures for up to 4 people who are more accomplished or looking for a unique experience. Options ranging from learning natural pro or rescue techniques, a guided multi-pitch adventure, or simply a guided trip around the less used crags in Dunedin.
Prices will vary depending on locations used, duration of course and what is being taught.



A 2-hour session of climbing games and top rope climbing at a climbing wall is a great birthday or family activity. Suitable for ages 8 – 14 years. For children younger than 12 years, adults will need to be taught how to belay. Longer sessions and/or outside venues can be arranged.

Please contact us for any enquiries