Dave Brash seized the opportunity back in 1998 to share his knowledge and passion for rock climbing by starting up a climbing company called Dunedin Climbing. Since then he has taught, inspired and coached 1000’s of people, he has worked with the schools to help develop kids confidence through adventure and instructed at polytechnics training the future instructors. He has climbed throughout the world and gained awards for excellence in outdoor instruction becoming one of the most experienced rock climbing instructors in the country. At 66 he decided it was time to hand over the reins...

Tim Bartholomew now owns and operates the company (now called Dunedin Adventures) with a vision of carrying on the legacy of his predecessor in offering positive and educational rock climbing courses as well as hiking and team building activities. He has been developing as an outdoor instructor for the past ten years and has been testing himself against the rock since he was 13. He has gained high level rock climbing certification and has been making his way around the third rock from the sun seeking out experiences and developing his skills and knowledge. He has a passion of the vertical world and loves sharing it with as many people as he can.